The Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association

Service Rifle Team receiving the Leathneck Trophy.

I have been competing successfully on the national level with rifles I have built.  I have built many competition rifles for myself and friends.  This includes: Long Range match rifles,  Palma rifles and AR-15 National Match Service rifles.  I have also built numerous long Range Hunting and Tactical rifles.  In addition to building rifles,  I have provided general gunsmithing services for friends and family.  These sevices have included: replacing and repairing broken parts on rifles, pistols and shotguns of all types.  Glass bedding rifles, refinishing stocks, slow rust bluing, stress free mounting of sight bases and scopes...........etc.  Over this time,  I have accumulated a large collection of gunsmithing tools and knowledge.  I have enjoyed this process very much.  I have decided to start my own gunsmithing business specializing in precission rifles but also providing general gunsmithing services.