Pistol Services

Remove old and install new Sights  $30.00

Trigger Job on revolver  $50.00

1911 Trigger Job (3 1/2 lbs)  $80.00. Price includes new main spring and sear spring.

Cut dove tail front sight.  $40.00

Install Bo-Mar rear sight.  $150.00

Install Novak style sight  $100.00

Machine slide for sight tracker barrel.  $100.00

Tri-top slide  $150.00

Cut front serrations on slide.  $75.00

Internal lightening of slide.  $75.00

Thread barrel for suppressor $50.00

Services not listed will be charged shop rate of $40 per hour.

Hand Fit  1911 match barrel and bushing $200.00

Fit 1911 slide to frame  $100.00

Fit  Bushing to slide $50.00


Send us your new, high quailty 1911 frame and we can build you a custom pistol with the highest quality parts.  Hand fit for superior accuracy.  The pistol pictured above is a Bullseye service pisol.  The accuracy guarentee fot it is a 10 shot 2" group at 50 yards. with match ammo. Prices will depend on the componanats you request.  The pistol shown above will cost $1,800.00 in addition to your frame.  This is one example of an almost endless variations that can be built.