AR-15 Services

  - Install National Match Barrel.   $225.00 + the cost of the barrel.

             Includes thread, chamber, drill gas port, cut sight flats, thread muzzle for flash hider.

  - Install Customer supplied barrel with no machining required.  $50.00

  - Insalling handguards, butt stocks, triggers, sights, rails, ect... hourly rate of $40.00 will be charged.

M1Garand / M1A, M14 Services

  - Install National Match barrel that requires chambering.  $150.00

  - Install barrel with no machining required.  $50.00

  - Glass Bed using Devcon Steel Bed.  $125.00  Includes routing stock and correct pressure on barrel.

  - Install National Match rear sight $75.00 + the cost of the sight.

  - National Match trigger job.  $ 60.00. Trigger will have a long first stage and a crisp trigger break at +4.5 lbs.

  - Front end Mod.  $100.00  Includes Knurl and lock-tite lower band to barrel, remove front hand guard spacer, epoxy on front hand gaurd hardware, epoxy and screw front hand guard to lower band, free float gas cylinder ring and peen barrel splines for tight fitting gas cylinder.

  - All services not listed will be charged $45.00 hourly rate