Stock services:

Sand and finish wood stock (hand rubbed oil) $125.00

Sand and finish wood stock (spray polyurethane) $100.00

Glass bedding $125.00.  Add $25.00 per pillar

Enlarge barrel chanel $50.00

Inlet Single shot bench rest stock $125.00

Install Recoil Pad $30,00 (does not include parts)

Install Turn wheel cheek peice. $125.00 (does not include parts)

Install 4 way adjustable butt plate.  $80.00 (parts not included)

install Freeland/Anshutz rail.  $60.00

Install sling swivel studs. 2 $20.00, 3 $25.00

Install Dakota style inletted sling swivels $60.00 (parts not included)

Misc. Services

Complete dis-assembly, re-assembly for metal finishing. $60.00

Dis-assembly and re-assembly of double barrel shotgun $100.00

Custom made flat springs. Shop rate $45.00 per hour.

Custom, shop made screws.  Shop Rate. $45.00 per hour.

Custom, shop made and vertically indexed screws.  $80.00 each

Install screw in choke tubes.  12 gauge. remington style or Thin Wall

     $100.00 for single barrel, $150.00 for both barrels on a double.

All other gauges, add $30.00 for tool rental fee.